A Family-Owned Health Care Products Manufacturer

TFI HealthCare started in 1979 as Tubular Fabricators Industry Inc. located in Passaic, New Jersey.

A family owned small business that was started by Joseph D Battiston who was a former VP of manufacturing Temco products along with his wife Dina, his son Joe and daughter-in-law Beth.

In 1966 Joseph D Battiston started a company called Temco along with the two owners.

1967 – his son, Joseph (Joe) Battiston started working part time for Temco.

1973 – Joe Battiston began working full-time as a manufactures representative in the home health care industry.

1979 – Tubular Fabricators Industry Inc. began operations.

1989 – TFI moved to a larger facility located in Petersburg Virginia because it was strategically placed close to Interstates 85, 95 and 64 which made it convenient for receiving raw materials in and shipping finished goods out.

1993 – Joseph D Battiston passed away leaving his sons, Joe to become president and David vice president.

2009 – Joe purchased David’s shares so he could pursue other business ventures.

Currently Joe with his wife Beth run the corporation.

Joe has developed many new products over the years by listening to the needs of patients including several family members.
The GRAND Line® HipMode™ was developed after his brother had hip surgery.

The HandiRail® was designed after his father-in-law had a stroke and needed help getting out of bed.

The GRAND Line® EasyRise™ was designed when his mother-in-law need assistance with rising from a seated position.

When his wife had foot surgery Joe designed the Adjustable Blanket Support which is much stronger than the wire type Blanket Supports that were on the market. Quality counted.

TFI is proud to meet the needs of a variety of different people and their circumstances.

We manufacture unique, small runs of high quality products in the historical city of Petersburg, Virginia, specializing in bariatric products The GRAND Line®.

Larger corporations are either unable or unwilling to dabble in small runs of diversified products. It is costly and time consuming.

As a result, TFI has become synonymous with “Where to find the hard to find ™”

TFI continues to expand its wide variety of patient aids. Along with providing patients with products that best fit their physical needs, we make quality products that last. TFI HealthCare manufactures a full line of the following and much more:

Walkers Canes/Walking Sticks
Crutches Bed Assist Rails
Bathroom Safety Items Commodes
Trapeze Bars Oxygen Carts

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