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When you purchase our products for your business, you purchase more than just medical equipment - you purchase products made to last. Some of our competitors try to imitate our equipment, but none come close to replicating our passion for safety.

TFI HealthCare, a name you can trust when quality counts, is your dedicated health care products manufacturer located in Petersburg, Virginia.

Are you looking to save more money on your inventory? Ask about our mix and match quantity discounts. We make quality durable medical equipment. You do not have to compromise reliability for cost efficiency when you shop with us. Let us make taking care of your customers easier.

Mix and Match Quantity Discounts

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Superior Medical Equipment

Walker 2155-1Where to find the hard to find ™ We are proud of our diverse range of specialty durable medical products. For example, we manufacture the Stair Climbing Walker - Extra Wide Rollaider™Rollator - Extra Extra Wide Rollaider™Rollator- Stroke Walkers (regular and a lighter version) and much more.

Be sure to look for The GRAND Line® by TFI when searching for your bariatric needs. TFI is known as the industry leader for producing a variety of bariatric products, Bath Safety, Commodes, Canes, Crutches, Walkers and more. For a complete list of items look under Bariatric (The GRAND Line®)

From the Short to the Tall, Big to the Small We have it All ™ For our complete list of walkers, canes and crutches look under Mobility Aids. Also see our Tall Bath Benches under Bath Safety, and our line of Pediatric items.

Why Choose Our Durable Medical Equipment?

Just because it looks like a TFI product does not mean it’s built like one! All Bath Benches may look similar. But are they really the same? No! The seats and tubing can vary in many ways that the eye can’t detect. At TFI we not only put quality in what you see but in what you can’t see as well. See our wide variety of Bath Benches under Bath Safety,.                                                                               2

Our toilet seats are much larger than the seats of other manufactures/distributors, be sure to specify TFI.  The elongated seat openings provide a greater seat depth.

What distinguishes this diverse range of durable medical equipment is not the differences between them but the quality that unites them. We are a family-owned operation since 1979. That's why we strive to build heavy duty medical equipment on which everyone can rely on.

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